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Product Name:Fluorinated ethylene-propylene concentrated dispersion(JX-603A/B)

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  • • Execution standard: Q/DYS 004-2007
    Fluorinated ethylene-propylene concentrated dispersion, copolymerized by tetrafluoroethylene and hexafluoropropylene, is aqueous dispersion stabilized by nonionic surfactant, and can endow FEP resin products which cannot be processed by traditional method with some unique properties. The resin in its emulsion is real thermoplastic with typical excellent properties of fluororesin: continuous operating temperature of 200℃, maximum operating temperature of 240℃, and chemical inertness to almost all industrial chemicals and solvents. Its products have excellent temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical inertness and electrical insulation and low friction coefficient.









    Milk white or light yellow liquid

    Melt index




    Solid content



    Surfactant content






    It can be used for coating, dipping, processing many products, including surface coating of heat-resistant PTFE impregnated fiber, printed circuit board, electrical insulating material, injection molding film, chemical isolation material, and melting adhesive for PTFE and FEP connection, mixing primer of metal substrate, and making anti-sticking coating with glass cloth and high insulation film with polyimide.

    1.It shouldn’t be processed and used at above 400℃ to prevent decomposing and generating toxic gas.
    2.The container should be lightly shook or emulsion be slowly stirred for 2-3 times each month for long-term storage to prevent sedimentation of the dispersion.
    Packaging, Transport and Storage:
    1. It should be packaged in plastic drum, and then loaded in outer packing hard carton. Each drum has net weight of 25kg.
    2. It should be stored in a 5 ~ 30℃, clean and dry environment.
    3. It is transported according to non-dangerous goods, and should avoid heat, damp or strenuous vibration during transport.


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